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Kdo je lepší? - 11.díl

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Kdo je lepší? - 11.díl
By: Becky

#48 David & Timo avatars [by KeT]

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Kdo je lepší? - 10.díl

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Kdo je lepší? - 10.díl
By: Becky

Kdo je lepší? - 9.díl

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Kdo je lepší? - 9.díl
By: Becky


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From Linke´s twitter


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This drawings by LINKI SUNSHINE! Thanks her for permission to publish these beutiful artworks at www.panik-fans.blog.cz

Kdo je lepší? - 8.díl

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Kdo je lepší? - 8.díl
By: Becky

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Cover by David Bonk)

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"I can not breathe without music" - David Bonk, 04.02.2012

PANIK photoshoot [2007]

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Kdo je lepší? - 7.díl

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Kdo je lepší? - 7.díl
By: Becky

PANIK photoshoot [2008]

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Tyto fotky pocházejí z (bohužel již neexistující stránky) panik-franky.de --> našla jsem je na svém starém blogu o Panik a mám takový dojem, že tu ještě nejsou

How I started listen to PANIK?

10. února 2012 v 17:42 | *posted by KeT
I was 13-14 years old... and I was going home from school, when my friend said: "I have some new music, but I think you won´t like it.". "Why not?" - I didn´t understand that. "Because it´s german music", she said. Really? I used to hate Germany and german language (when I was younger). But despite, my friend let play the song - and that was the first moment I listened REVOLUTION. I can say - I didn´t like it, when I firstly listened it :D Then she showed me a Revolution videoclip. And I didn´t like it too.
I don´t know, how it happened.. But I was at home and I was thinking about Panik. I found them on youtube and SUDDENLY I fell in love with their songs.
I listened their songs every single moment, I opened a website about them - I was totally crazy.. I was a child. I can say, that was really nice time of my life.

They released NEW ALBUM. I was waiting, when they published a concert date for the Czech republic. (Because when they were here - in 2007 (??), I didn´t know them yet)
That day I was going to my (now ex-) boyfriend, when my friend called me. She said me, that PANIK broke up. I didn´t understand..I couldn´t believe this information. What was happen?
When I came back home, I turned my computer on.. And I found that message. I just sat and cried..
And it all ended :-) Even if I´ll never know, who this boys really are, they did a lot of to me. I started learn german language (they learned me to love this language), and GERMANY is one of my the most favourite countries. I spend there a lot of time. They were with me (their music was with me), when my ex-boyfriend was in hospital (he was seriously ill). It was my biggest dream - go to their concert, see them alive, how they really look like - and everything is gone.

It´s more than two years. And I´m still here and they are still in my heart - almost 6 years.
I´m still watching news about Timo and David, and still making website about them... Because it was my hobby.. It is my hobby.

I still love them, and I hope that their songs will play on my funeral (I´m just laughing now - it will be a little bit funny, heh? They will play a rock music to old woman :D) - and I´ll happily leave this world..

KeT (Pleaseee keep sympathy to my mistakes. I know, I´m learning english sooo long time - but I still make them :P)